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Indo 2015 . . .                                            A Surfin & Dental Holiday

Busking in Bali is not a good idea unless you are Indonesian.  Although international artists have been invited to the 2015 Bali Arts Festival I was warned by locals that an impromptu street performance may be deemed as ” work “. Arrest… Jail… Bribery… were all strong possibilities if the ” bule ” breaks out in song on the street from the Indonesion authorities. So I only took my harmonica … reasoning that I would avoid trouble by pretending to purchase the shakers & maracas offered at every stall on the crumbling dusty streets of Sanur.  My inflatable standup paddle board was invaluable to help pass the time as there are nice uncrowded waves at Sanur Beach … As was my new dentist Retno Agung across from McDonalds.

10 days into my Indo experience I am missing twanging & banging on my guitar & stomperine … So I have gone to Lembongan to find a maraca & any other locally made percussive item that I can use to accompany my moaning harmonica.  No police on Lembongan so I although I won’t busk here I will sit on the steps under The Reef Cafe and shake my new maraca & blow my harp at sunset … Just to give my soulful vibrations some air …  Looking round the backstreets of the island for a suitable maraca /shaker/kalimba has been fun … At a friendly looking stall I pull out my harp … Pick up any one of a number of shaker contraptions … Start blowin & shakin  … And watch the faces of the locals who gather round … They all want to sell you their stuff … Some pick up a drum or another shaker and get into the spirit of the thing … I am just happy making some music again ! ! ! 


One response to “Indo 2015 . . .                                            A Surfin & Dental Holiday

  1. Jannah-Kaa Cruden August 23, 2015 at 1:49 am

    Hey Pete! Meet you in a music store in Mooloolaba! Indonesia looks wicked! Been out doing some more busking with some friends, can’t wait to meet up and have a jam with ya! The Mahogany is doing great 🎼 Much Aroha 💖

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