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Ahoy there viewers . . .

A little bit of hokum . . . as well as busking I like surfing and laying around under a Pandanus Palm . . . this video was taken by my bro Tim at a funky little Cafe called The Ofis near Honiara on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands in 2015 . . . The surfboard hanging on the wall was made by my old friend Allan Byrne from Gisborne . . . we lived together at Miami on the Gold Coast in the seventies . . . Allan Byrne died in Bali a few years ago . . . Byrnesy was a NZ surfing legend and innovative shaper and designer of fins . . . checkout the film Last Paradise which shows adventures of a young Al Byrne and other kiwi surfers making some big whoopee in the water . . . in the air . . . and on the mountain.  RIP Al    The song is for the flat earthers !

BLUES ON GREY STREET Feb 2016 Captain Tricko recently returned to sunny Queensland . . .  is resurrected, revived, rescucitated, revamped & revitalised . . . He spent five weeks busking , surfing & socialising in the Land of the Long White Cloud . . . Played some market & cafe gigs , cruised around Mount Maunganui on a Honda Today 50cc moped busking for cruise ship passengers . . . Reunited with some old friends and family . . . Played some bad golf . . .  ate a lot of seafood and became a lttle more educated about wine . . .  and beer . . .             & serious bbq !

The highlight of this tour was collaborating with fellow busker & cigar box guitar player Jay Cross . . . Together they recorded a cool 8 track cigar box guitar music CD titled THE GREY STREET BLUES . . . An organic, lo fi , one take confection played on 3 string cigar box guitars orchestrated and recorded by a sonic magician called Nigel Masters at The Boatshed Recording Studio in Whakamaramara.

Below is an audio link to Doghouse Blues one of the tunes we recorded on the day . . .

 Also met a wonderful busker called Noel Beasley who plays in Grey St, Tauranga every Saturday during the NZ summer . . . All the good street musicians seem to gravitate to Grey St . . .

Noel plays sweet tunes in Grey St every Saturday

My old friend & busker Chris Smart who can sing & play guitar in a style reminiscent of the acoustic blues greats is there in Grey St too . . . For a dollar or two he will treat you to a song outside the ANZ Bank next to the Post Shop on any day of the week except Sunday . . . Chris Smart is one of the best buskers I’ve ever met . . . An acoustic player and who seems to throw his beautiful song around without effort . . . You can watch a video of Chris in the video archive. . . The BIG FAT WORLD Busking Tour

Grey St is a nice street in the middle of Tauranga CBD with shopping arcades , shaded public seating and a public toilet with hot running water !

In testimony to this great meeting place for street performers Jay & The Captain titled  the Boatshed recording of their cigar box guitar music collaboration ” THE GREY STREET BLUES “.  Soon be available as an EP on CD & iTunes.

More details & video of Jay Cross busking will be posted here soon !

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