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Bilge Brothers Busking Adventure

Airlie Beach is a good destination. Six hundred miles from home and with the whole winter to roam the coast, bass playing Captain Richie Fish agreed to a cruise to the Whitsundays sailing mecca with busker Captain Tricko . . . who is best described as an aimless drifter with only sad songs to offer the world and an excellent record of escape.
The two captains adopted a simple strategy to achieve their destination.
The D&D ( DRINK & DEPART ) Plan only had rules:

To be anchored every arvo by 4pm for beer & whiskey

To ” get the hell out of here ” everymorning for two weeks . . .
until we were there.

And it worked. Like all jolly sailors we found friends along the way and enjoyed rising & settings suns . . . As musicians we played our songs in the markets and hung around with other performers . . . as a professional drifter myself all I can suggest is . . .

Everyone should try it !
This film contains cigar box guitar music


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