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Cigar Box Guitar by HOKUM

My friends who make cigar box guitars sometimes offer them to me for a test drive.
The HOKUM cigar box guitar builder and his lady told me to come along to the first ever Sunshine Coast Record & recycled Vinyl Fair and this lil film is kind of about them.
So I went along to the Sunshine Coast Record Fair to find some old blues vinyl . . .
I like some o those scratchy ol recordings of Charlie Patton & Robert Johnson.
Anyway my friend Lee Hillman from Back Beat Records would be there . . . and a conversation with him is usually worth the visit . . . as you will understand by watching this silly film.

MORE GIGAR BOX GUITAR music in this film. But wait . . . and there is more of both Lee Hillman who is also the longboard surfer in my film surfing noosa national park which is planted right next to this darned sentence . . . for your viewing.
Soundtrack is Fleetwood Mac’s Albatross played by Ebb & Flo on their genuine cigar box guitars.

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