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Mitch plays Clawhammer Banjo

When you live in the Mary Valley . . . time don’t have much to with a clock.

I spent a few days out in the Mary Valley recently to record songs for my new CD at Pix Records. The man pushing the buttons and waving at me through the control booth window gave me some time off. So I wandered down to the creek to visit Mitch … and this little film made with my iPhone is what happened.

The clawhammer style of banjo playing is distinct from bluegrass, country & jazz by virtue of the downward strumming & frailing technique. Appalacian music is commonly associated with Kentucky & moonshine BUT can originate from any region bordering the Appalacian Mountain Range. Roscoe Holcomb and other legendary banjo players of this style have been archived by John & Alan Lomax and other musicologists.

My friend Mitch is motivated to play this ” ol timey music ” by sitting out in the wop wops watching you Tube clips and other on line resources. Lord have Mercy !!!

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