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Out There Busker

Ahoy there viewers, this no worries film features a busker in Mooloolaba who appeared to be a legend in his own mind, some coarse language, some fish feeding under my boat and some one man band music by Chickens Made By Robots.  All for you – let me know what you think !  

I watched the  busker you see here for forty minutes before taking the video on my iPhone – for a while he was jumping up on the street furniture to show case his physique, his rock styling guitar technique and his extrovert busking manner.  Abbreviated by the occasional  bounce off the shop windows and accosting any likely looking lad or lady for a donation.  He also demonstrated his slide guitar skills using a half full can of Red Bull at which point the shop owners told him to leave. Around about which time his energy for street performance  and my iPhone battery ran out.  This dude did not get a donation during the time I watched him – but he had a great smile, so I offered him five bucks – which he told me to stick where the sun don’t shine !

2 responses to “Out There Busker

  1. Ede March 10, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    I’ve just come back from a choral sinigng evening featuring my new school, Aorere College, and I must say I’m really looking forward to working with the students after hearing them sing live. The Front Row’ choir sang a traditional Samoan hymn and a traditional Maori song arranged by an ex-student. When it’s obvious that such gorgeous music and such talented singers exist, it does seem a shame that it’s hard to find Polynesian/ Polynesian-inspired music on the radio but I’m very privileged to be able to hear it live!!

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