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Sam Okoth & more buskers

More buskers from Sunshine Coast, Northern NSW & Bali  . . .

Sam Okoth is a special talent who resides with his family much of the time on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland . . . originally from Lake Victoria, Kenya this one man band extrordiniare has travelled extensively and has engaged in a school building project back in his village . . . his artitistic manner includes theatre and stories of a life so far travelled . . . original songs . . . sometimes about humanity.

The rest of the film just encourages busking . . . and you the audience to support buskers.

First time busker Faith was busking to raise money for her brothers sporting endeavour. A smile, a ukelele, a song sung with a sweet voice which made that August morning brighter for a lot of folk passing by. Tash & Milly were just having fun busking . . . their clear vocals sounding great as they strummed their guitars . . . acoustically speaking their choice of location on front of a big glass window . . . situated under a big overhead eve . . . placed them virtually inside a speaker cabinet . . . and works really well for buskers without electronic amplification . . . the space itself amplifies their fine sound . . . being adjacent to a pedestrian crossing increases foot traffic. Watch Captain Tricko busking outside a busy pet shop with a song about dogs . . . and a boy band from Sanur, Bali show their big finish.

I think that without buskers . . . the world would have a lot less to smile about.

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