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Ahoy there viewers !

Captain Tricko – One Man Band – Folk n Blues Busker – Spreading the word of love & peace, misery,              sorrow & laughter with 3 strings 12 chords and the truth  . . . .        LORD HAVE MERCY ! ! !

Ahoy there and welcome to sunny Queensland and my bestbuskers blog !

In the fullness of time and not withstanding my er . . . memory allowance , this blog will bloom with stories , photos, video and audio captured on the streets and other earthly locations.  The material you find here will not be confined to my busking experiences , but as busking is how I make my living I hope the archive I create will serve as reference for other street performers and all flat earthers interested enough to pick up my thread.

I have been busking for ten years.  Soon you will understand and possibly appreciate more of what it means to be a busker. Over the next year I plan to enter busking contests and do some travelling in order to film and record the best and the worst of the performers I encounter.

All for you . . .  the humble viewer.

Yes viewers , I do have a plan, a strategy and a surefire recipe for busking success which will soon be yours to savour, criticize , copy and comment on.  As each week rolls by, more buskers and stories will appear here on wordpress street.

In the meantime just relax and put your feet up  . . . . . and wait for me to get started.

See you here next week, next year  . . . next time.

Love, Peace and Regards from Captain Tricko